Google Me: James Diggs

Today I Google’d myself. It was honestly the most self centered thing I had done in a long time, but I learned something from this experience. After googling “James Diggs” I was surprised to find out that google knew a little more about me than I expected. I knew Google would bring up my recruiting profile that I used when I was in high school, but it’s the information I didn’t know about that surprised me. While searching myself I found out that google had another recruiting profile that I didn’t know of. My coaches must’ve sent my stats to the people who run the website after my games and they would post it and keep my profile up to date. I just thought this was pretty cool because even though I didn’t know about it, I was being recognized for the hard work I was doing. I was also shocked by the number of James Diggs’ that were in the world because I’m not used to seeing anybody else with my name. To see people who are doctors, successful business owners, and everything under the sun with the name James Diggs motivated me a little. It made me think about how I specifically wanted to be remembered. All of these other James’ are doing great things with their lives, and I want to be up there in the google search with them in a couple of years. It made me ask myself, ” What is Google going to have on you in the next couple of years?'”, and then I realized what that would be. When I’m Googled, I want to be known as an up and coming sports journalists who is seeing some success writing for any major sports broadcasting company like ESPN, Bleacher Report, or Sports Illustrated. This is a goal I am setting for myself and I plan on achieving this goal within the next couple of years of my life. I highly encourage you to Google yourself, because you may find interesting things not only about you, but about the people with your name. Then ask yourself, how am I going to be remembered?

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