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My first week of college has been a pretty interesting experience for me. After having trouble finding out where all of my classes are and finally adjusting to making my own schedule, I have had time to reflect on my past week. One major new thing that has happened to me already is that I now have my own blog website. For my First Year Seminar, I am required to have and post on my own blog website which is an interesting and new experience for me. I’ve never in my life had my own webpage, so most of this is a new experience for me. When it comes to my expectations for this class, I am just hoping to not only become more engaged in the digital world, but I am also hoping to become a better writer as a result from the amount of writing/typing I will be doing in this class. The fact that the blog is required for the class really speaks to what Muhlenberg College is trying to do for its students. Muhlenberg wants to encourage students to express themselves freely in a classroom environment, while being able to develop into better overall students who are prepared for life after college. Another major focus of the class is how we as people view and use technology. In my opinion technology is crucial to our everyday lives. Without some of the technologies we have today, modern life would be pretty difficult. Imagine trying to find out where your cousin who lives all the way across town house is at without Google Maps or Waze. Imagine having to find a way to work when you’re already late without apps like Uber or Lyft. Imagine getting the news without having nice handy notifications popping up or coming across your phone screen. These things that seem so small make life a lot easier for us and makes our lives run smoother. I can’t wait to continue posting throughout the course of this semester and hopefully I will not only become far more involved in my own digital world, but I will become a better writer as well.

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