My very first video game

It was Christmas of 2003 and I was only 4 years old. My parents told my older brother that they had a special gift for him to open, but they wanted to save it for last, so he opened everything else and then he rushed to get his special gift. After much anxiety and several minutes of ripping through gift wrapping paper, he discovered that that special gift was his very own Playstation 2. It was the big bulky one that came with the black corded controller, and the memory card that went into the system rather than plugged into the controller. ┬áIt was one of the coolest things I ever seen, at least I thought so until my parents told me I also had a special gift of my own. Shocked by the good news I had just been given, I quickly rushed my mother and father asking them, “Where is it? What did you get me?” They eventually got me to calm down and my mother went upstairs to get my gift. When she came back downstairs she had a gift wrapped in silver wrapping paper with a red bow on it. The gift read, “To James, From Santa.” I quickly ripped the paper off of the gift and underneath that wrapping paper was my very own Nintendo Gamecube. It was the exact one I had been asking for all year. The black Gamecube that came with the black Gamecube controller and memory card. This wasn’t just my first video game system, but it was my first real interaction with technology. I wanted this Gamecube ever since I saw my cousin playing Super Smash Bros. Melee. The variety of playable characters offered in the game, the different boards and arenas I saw when playing, the different game modes available for me to play all made me want to have my own game system. This not only interested me in video games, but developed my love for video games. Over time, video games grew on me. They became apart of me and my every day life. They have effected me in ways I didn’t even know and they have honestly brought me some great memories. I recall several nights where I would stay up with my cousins until 1:00, 2:00, even 5:00 in the morning just playing video games and having fun. It was a bonding experience for us and that hasn’t changed one bit. Still to this day every holiday we find time to sit down and play games like Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, and of course the family favorite Mario Party. These technologies represent more than just a pass time to us, they are a tradition, and this tradition is one I wish to carry on for a lifetime. Now that I am in college and not back home, I don’t get a chance to play these games as often, but whenever I see someone playing these games I’m always drawn to them. They bring about this nostalgic feeling that I don’t get from other forms of technology. Based upon my experience, I can say that I am glad that I chose that all black Gamecube back in 2003 because it brought me some great times and it introduced me to the joys that technology could bring not only to one person, but to a family as well.

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