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For class this week I was tasked with the assignment of testing and reviewing two forms of “writing tools” that make digital writing less of a chore. We were introduced to several different forms of writing tools in class, but the two tools that peaked my interest the most were the two listed as grammar checkers. In my own experience with digital writing, I have struggled with my grammar structure and the way I wanted to say something versus how I actually said it. However, the two tools that I tested and reviewed helped improve my digital writing habits and I feel will serve me well in my future writings.

The first grammar checking tool that I decided to use was the free grammar checking app called “Grammarly”. I have nothing but positive reviews for this app because its users can clearly see that the app is meant to help writers of all different skill levels become better writers. When I initially signed up for the app one of the first things they asked me to do was personalize my settings. The app asked me questions like “What level writer would you classify yourself?” or “Who are most of your writings intended for?” and questions of that nature. I really like that the app tries to personalize the writers’ experience with the app because that lets the writers know which area of grammar they need to work on the most and eventually they will begin to notice the errors themselves and eliminate those errors from their writing. Grammarly also checks your writing while you are in the actual process of writing it so that you are able to make on the fly improvements to your writing. The only real critique that I would have of the app is that they offer a more affordable payment plan for writers who wish to use the premium version of the app. The lowest price I saw on the website started at $11 per month, which I felt was pretty pricey. Maybe if the payment were lowered to about $4 per month I would invest in the premium version of the app myself, but overall I love what the free version offers to writers and would highly recommend this app to other online writers.

The second grammar checking tool that I tested was the online web app called “The Hemingway App”. This writing tool also served as a huge help to y development as a writer thanks to the different tools offered on the app. The app enables writers to insert their writing onto the webpage and the page will automatically review the website for run-on sentences, grammar errors, comprehension errors and things of that nature. However, what makes this app so unique in my opinion is the color coding scheme that is used to let users know what kind of errors they are making. This small organizational tool benefits writers because if they see they have a large amount of one color within their writing, they are going to understand that that is a problem within their writing. The color coding also is a visual aid that assists in the bettering of ones writing process which serves as a huge plus to users of the app. The one critique I have of the web app would be that it could offer readers more critiques than the ones provided. Although the critiques provided on the website are useful ones to readers, there could be more that readers should be aware of like when to break up a long paragraph into two or more individual paragraphs, or what specific word they should use to replace a word that doesn’t serve as the best fit for a sentence.

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