The Importance of the Digital Envelope

The concept of having a digital envelope, in my opinion, is a very useful tool. Having the ability to have all of your important documents at your fingertips daily is extremely convenient not only in a work setting, but in your day to day life. I never really thought that a digital envelope could have as huge of an impact on my life as it can, until I read Audrey Watters electronic article titled “Claim Your Domain and Own Your Online Presence”. After reading this article I truly am convinced by the impact that the digital envelope can have on my post collegiate life. I can use a hypothetical situation to illustrate the usefulness of having a digital envelope. Say I just complete my junior year of college and I’m working on finding and completing internships. While doing so I bump into someone who is head of employment at a local newspaper company in my hometown. After talking to the employer and expressing my interest in writing for the newspaper, he asks to see samples of my writing. Since I have that digital envelope at hand I am prepared to share all of my samples that I feel are my strongest with the employer. If he likes what he sees he could not only offer me an internship for the newspaper company, but he also could offer me a job opportunity right out of college. Then I would be set up not only for the summer, but for life after college. Now I’m not saying that the digital envelope is going to guarantee you a job right out of school, but you can see that the digital envelope is a very useful tool to have at your fingertips because of the opportunities it can create for your career. I strongly encourage people to start creating digital envelopes and fill them with all the information you feel is important, because you never know when that next big break may come your way, so you should always be prepared for it.


  1. The example you describe really shows how useful having an organized digital envelope can be, particularly in trying to find employment. You highlight one of the benefits having a digital envelope has, but I also wonder about the potential negative implications it could have as everything we publish online is stored and available for others to see. In your example, you talk about employment after college, but I think we should also appreciate the opportunities these portfolios can help you with in the short term with internships, summer jobs, etc. I also think that even by having a digital envelope, you show employers that you are organized and hardworking regardless of what the contents are.

    • Even here you have some control over what is published and what is not published. You can change the status of any of your posts. Granted for class, these need to be published in order to get credit, but after class you can decide what should be kept public and what could be ‘private’. That is one way to counter possible negative implications. There is something to be said about being able to look at the progress and change over time, too.

  2. First of all, I don’t think that you were specific enough when you said important documents. If taken out of context, I would think that your were referring to a birth certificate, Social Security card, or other items like this. I like how you included the hypothetical situation since it illustrates how having a digital portfolio can help you in a real life situation. I think you should have went into more detail and discuss what exactly makes up your digital portfolio. You also failed to mention anything about social media which I feel is a very large part of what makes up your digital identity. Overall, I agree with most of what’s said but there isn’t enough content to back up or go into depth about what you are trying to say to the reader.

    • Defining what is important is a very important part of defining your digital identity. Yes, some important documents are necessary and sometimes you have to provide that kind of documentation for certain purposes. Just as you are expected to be careful with how your physical documents are preserved, so must you for online documents. How much and how easily information is accessible is an issue regardless of whether it is online or stored in a filing cabinet in your house.

  3. i agree with you the emvolpe is important its like when your younger and your parents keep all your grades or projects and they say one day you look back be amazed at what this is or when you wrtie and essay you keep you never know when you neeed so yes i do agree with you

  4. i agree with you the emvople is import becuase if you ever need anything it will be there so you should always save your stuff to the emovople becuase like you said you never know when younwill need it

  5. Nice tie in with potential impact of having a ‘digital envelope’. In keeping with Watters’s focus on ownership and control, how do we balance or account for what you are required to post for a class or what you want to have publicly available? We can utilize some of the tools and options within these platforms to take even more ownership for our digital presence. That takes time and commitment to more effectively utilize these platforms for our benefit to allow us more latitude in shaping our digital identity.

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